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The "No Frizz" Solution
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  • Are you still struggling to have controlled, beautiful, touchable soft hair? Have you ever tried hair gel with little success, and this has resulted in crunchy, stiff, or dried out hair? Perhaps you’ve tried mousse, only to end up with dull or greasy hair. You may have even experimented with "natural" products, which just resulted in limp, lifeless hair and residue. 

  • I can 100% relate. With so many "solutions" out there, how do you know which one to follow?

Trust Me, I Was Just as Overwhelmed and Frustrated as You Are Now.


When I first started to search for the perfect frizz-free solution to soft, manageable hair, I couldn't find a product without the harsh ingredients that negatively impacted my health. I didn't know how to style my hair without spending lots of time with a blow dryer or brush (and have it look great). And I didn't know there was a way to work with my natural hair (vs. fighting it) to get beautiful results.


None of these "solutions" worked out for me and I was ready to just settle on the idea that my "hair reality" could not be changed. Maybe you're feeling the same?

  • Relentlessly determined, I didn’t give up. Finally one day after adopting two 10-week old puppies, I immediately lost the little time I had to style my hair.

  •  It became crystal clear that I needed to develop a product that would save me time and give me beautiful results, without harsh ingredients. Then it happened; I found success and after months of proving it on my own hair, I knew I couldn't keep it all to myself.


    My goal is to share exactly what I discovered so that I can help you achieve the same results.
  • Search No More for the Ultimate Solution to have Controlled, Beautiful, Touchable Soft Hair


    Surely you have heard of styling creams as you’ve been searching for a solution. Maybe you’ve even heard of Argan oil? It’s all the rage right now, especially with celebrities.

But have you ever heard of LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Styling Cream? No? Then you gotta hear this! When you use LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Style Cream, not only will you get the results professionals seek when using Moroccan Argan oil because of it's nurturing and healing benefits, but you will also get the added benefits of hydrating control, and all of this in just a fraction of the time it would normally take. The best part: you can finally cast that sea of obsolete and unhealthy products to the the closest trash can. ;)

I have no doubt that you will love our new Argan Oil Styling Cream, because it will help you to quickly achieve controlled, touchable soft hair, just like I was able to do. Now I can already hear your brain saying, "That sounds way too good to be true." I have to sheepishly admit, I felt the same way. I was shocked that I only needed to use one styling product because it seemed too easy. I was actually able to save time and stop hassling with my naturally frizzy hair! The reality is if it worked for my unruly hair, it can work for you.

Because of all the different styles I can achieve using this styling cream, I’m able to shower and style my hair in 15 minutes if I want; I can even skip shampooing multiple days a week (as recommended by professional stylists to achieve and maintain healthy hair), and still have controlled, stylish hair, without build-up or hassle.


I can achieve "Sexy, Wavy Beach Hair," "Soft, Bouncy Curls," or "Smooth, Flowing Locks..." This styling cream does it all.


Best of all I can feel confident that I'm nourishing my hair with high quality ingredients that won’t harm my healthy lifestyle.

I am certain you will want these same results.

Why LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Styling Cream Is The Solution You've Been Seeking

· It is free of harsh ingredients and contains NO Sulfates, Parabens, Sodium Chloride, Gluten, Drying Alcohols, Phthalates and Phosphates . This is good for you because these are known to sometimes cause problems for hair and scalps, as well as other health issues.


· It is safe for chemical or color treated hair, along with professionally straightened or keratin treated hair. This is important because it won't strip hair of its natural, good oils, nor will it diminish your color or shine, or ruin your investment in your treated hair.


· It has a built-in thermal protectant. This is big because your hair will be protected from heat styling, which will help prevent dry, damaged hair or breakage.


· It contains deep penetrating, all-natural Moroccan Argan oil and coconut oil. This a good thing because it instantly absorbs into hair producing incredible shine, controlling frizz, and it softens and aids in curl definition, and conditions hair all day long.


· It is made in the U.S. by a woman-owned, small family business and is not tested on animals. This is great because you can feel empowered when you use it knowing that you're not just benefiting yourself, but you're also positively impacting U.S. companies, jobs and animals.
It's Important To Know That Not All Styling Creams Are Created Equal!

If you've been trying different products for a while, then you know that not all styling creams are created equal, in many ways. You really want to be aware of what's included in the ingredients you put on your hair and on your body, because your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs those ingredients. There are many "cheap" ingredients used in low cost hair styling products that are known to cause problems, especially in women. Sometimes the symptoms are visibly noticeable (such as irritated, dry or flaking scalp), but others may be more subtle (such as hormone imbalance).


We have labored in developing a styling cream that not only gets you the beautiful results you want, but one that will not compromise your health for the sake of beauty. When you use this product you can know that we've left out the cheap, harmful ingredients, and that your health is our priority.


So who does LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Styling Cream work best for?

It’s probably easier for us to say who it is not best for because there are so many hair types that can benefit from it! But I can’t help myself, I have to share with you who this product works fantastic for!


You are a prime candidate and are going to LOVE our New Argan Oil Styling Cream if you have:

  • Curly Hair

  • Kinky Hair

  • Wavy Hair

  • Frizzy Hair

  • Dry, Damaged or Brittle Hair

  • Chemically processed or Color-Treated Hair

  • Natural and Relaxed African American Hair

  • Ethnic Hair

  • Coarse Hair

  • Normal Hair (is there such a thing as “normal hair?” LOL)


LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Styling Cream is great for all hair types. However, if you have oily or fine hair, you may find it weighs the hair down. If you’re not trying to achieve volume, you can still use it in very small amounts to help reduce static or frizz. If you have any questions about this, please be sure to contact us so we can help you to achieve the result you are looking for.

As mentioned, the styling cream is safe for chemical or color treated hair, professionally straightened, or keratin treatments. It is safe to use with hair extensions but it is important that you only apply it to the hair extension and not the bonding agent.

Of course, you know that we stand behind you as our customer and our products, so if you try it and it’s not right, just let us know and we’ve got your back with our awesome 100% no-hassle money back guarantee.

As If There Aren't Enough Reasons To Already Love The Idea Of Using LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Styling Cream...Here's A Few More:
  • It can allow you to go longer between salon treatments, since it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that strip your hair of pigment the way other, lower quality products can.

  • You may discover that you don’t need to use any other (or as much) styling products, since your hair will be less parched and more responsive.

  • Those who have dry or frizzy hair will experience dramatic improvements as their hair will be hydrated and controlled since this styling cream is designed specifically for these types of hair challenges.

  •  Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, you can expect to have beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

I would like to thank you for looking deeper for answers to your health and beauty. I have faith that women's perspectives about what they put in and on their body are changing.


In my journey to regain my health and restore my hair, I have learned that most products fall into two categories. The first group are highly processed and packed with unsafe chemicals, and the second usually includes herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients.

In choosing a product, we work diligently for you to decipher the long list of ingredients and eliminate what is unsafe or not necessary. I have found that competing with industry beauty giants can be challenging, with their unlimited marketing budgets and sometimes choice of low-quality ingredients.
But I believe there are more and more of us who see our health as an investment, and would only want to choose the best and healthiest options for ourselves and our loved ones.
I Am Not Interested In Achieving Beauty At The Cost of My Health. I Want to Look And Be Healthy And Radiant. I Want To Be My Best Me.
- Christine Kominiak, Co-Founder LuxeOrganix
Are You Ready To Have Healthy Beautiful Hair? Reveal Yourself And Your Natural Beauty.

Product Description

Only The Best Ingredients So You Can Feel Beautiful Without Sacrificing Your Health.

LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Styling Cream is flexible for changing up your hairstyle to go from "Smooth, Flowing Locks" to "Soft, Bouncy Curls," to "Sexy, Wavy Beach" hair.  You’ll find that the styling cream works best after washing with our LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner set. It’s the perfect pairing!

Directions: Apply to damp, clean hair by spreading a small amount across palms; work from roots to ends. Proceed to style as usual by blow-drying or allowing your hair to air dry. For texture, work pea-sized amount onto palms and apply to dry hair. 

Styling Tips: As mentioned, this styling cream can be used for changing up your hairstyle! Use it on wet or dry hair. Save time or add texture by scrunching (without rubbing) into wet or dry hair, then allow to air dry. Create a smooth, straight look by applying to clean, wet hair, then straighten with a round brush and blow dryer; a flat or round iron can be used to smooth or add texture. For natural, soft curls apply to wet hair; diffuse or air dry.

Woman Owned Company Proudly Made In the USA With The Highest Quality Ingredients.
  • Sulfate-Free
  • No Sodium Chloride, Parabens, Alcohol, Gluten, Phthalates or Phosphates.
  • pH Balanced to Enhance Moisture Absorption and Prevent Dry, Damaged Hair or Breakage
  • Recommended by Professional Stylists.
  • All-Natural Moroccan Argan Oil helps to protect hair and create incredible shine.
  • UV and Thermal (Heat) Protectant
  • Gentle and Safe for Chemical or Color Treated Hair, Professionally Straightened or Keratin Treatments. Safe for Hair Extensions.
  • Eliminates Frizz, Enhances Color and Curls, Smooths for Soft, Manageable hair.
  • Can also be used on dry hair to add texture.
  • Not tested on Animals.