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Co-Washing, the Latest Hair Care Secret as Explained by LuxeOrganix

LuxeOrganix Mesa, AZ— With so many environmental-based allergies and hormone issues being reported in the news associated with women’s “beauty” supplies, wary consumers are … Read More

What Do Sulfates Do To Your Hair, LuxeOrganix Reveals Latest Report

LuxeOrganix, a health and beauty company in Mesa, AZ, has revealed the findings from their research on the harmful effects that sulfates have on your hair. In response to claims made by companies whom are using sulfates that, “sulfates are no big deal,” Co-Founder Christine Kominiak responded with…Read More

special-offerPremium Morocco Shampoo And Conditioner Offered At A Special Promo By LuxeOrganix

LuxeOrganix of Mesa, Arizona has announced that its hallmark hair care product set will be offered at a promotional price on The announcement comes in the light of increased demand for reliable and effective hair care products… Read More

In Demand Argan Shampoo By LuxeOrganix Sells Out On Amazon

LuxeOrganix, a health and beauty company in Mesa, Arizona recently listed their argan shampoo on Amazon. They had expected it would sell really well, but the demand exceeded… Read More

LuxeOrganix Receives Excellent Reviews For Its Shampoo Curly Frizzy Hair

LuxeOrganix a Mesa, AZ based company has received National recognition for being a premier solution for women with curly frizzy hair by its customers… Read More

Anti Frizz Shampoo And Conditioner From Luxeorganix Hits The Amazon Marketplace

Christine Kominiak, spokesperson for the company LuxeOrganix, has announced that the LuxeOrganix Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner are now available once again for customers to buy on… Read More