healthy beautiful hair starts with healthy productsWhen looking through shampoo aisles, the colorful rows of bottles can seem endless. At the supermarket, the amount of options can be dizzying–but it doesn’t have to be this way! Many hair care enthusiasts are making all-natural shampoo and conditioner a requirement of their shopping lists and daily lives. Read on to learn more about how LuxeOrganix’s new biotin shampoo and conditioner is an excellent example of why you should go natural!

1. Chemicals!

The jury is still out on the long-term effects of chemicals. But, studies show that the immediate effects of too many chemicals can negatively affect general health.

Parabens and sulfates are two common ingredients that are known for being harsh on hair health. All-natural shampoos avoid these chemicals.

Synthetic chemicals like these are known to be harsh on hair. As they clean, they can destroy the good natural oils and affect proper pH balance, negatively affecting hair and skin. On the flip side, natural shampoos – such as those made by LuxeOrganix – use natural oils, like rosemary, tea tree, and mint, to both clean and restore.

When thinking about chemicals, it is important to understand that different people are sensitive to different things. All-natural shampoos often work best for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Chemical sensitivity can be confirmed by a doctor, but if you are using shampoo and it is inflaming your skin, then you might want to think about switching to an all-natural option. Natural shampoos also can help cut down on the itching and burning feeling that makes some people uncomfortable.

2. Hair Strengthening

Want to try out that new hair-do? Natural shampoos and conditioners that boost keratin and biotin can give hair the extra volume you desire.
People that use natural products containing these natural ingredients can actively restore the natural balance of hair that might be worn down from the environmental pollutants, and the general dirt and dust of a busy life.

While many shampoos aim only to clean and artificially fragrance hair, natural shampoos work towards the long-term health of your scalp and locks.

Strengthening hair now means setting your hair up for success in the future. It is never too late to start a health-conscious hair care routine that will keep your hair looking better and feeling stronger for years to come.

3. Improve Scalp Health

The health of your scalp is important to think about on a daily basis. Natural oils can build up on your scalp, and when not washed off, these oils can block pores, leading to inflamed, unhealthy skin. Oftentimes, synthetic shampoos that contain pesky chemicals can actually eliminate the scalp’s natural oils, and this is no good for scalp health or healthy hair growth!

Using a safe and healthy shampoo and conditioner is crucial to preventing and eliminating many common scalp and hair problems.

High-quality brands like LuxeOrganix include essential oils, alongside biotin and natural plant extracts and vitamins, in their formulations. These essential oils, such as rosemary, peppermint, and tea tree oil, have been used historically for their anti-inflammatory properties over thousands of years.

Having a healthy scalp means having a healthy head of hair. Managing the scalp’s natural oils instead of eliminating them can make all the difference when it comes to improving the look, feel, and longevity of your hair. It can also help prevent or diminish the overproduction of oils which can cause dry, itchy, or flaking scalp, as well as oily, greasy-looking hair. The proper balance of your natural oil production is a key component to having healthy looking and healthier growing hair.

4. Boost your Appearance

Many who use shampoo-containing synthetic chemicals rely on an excess of other hair products to maintain the hairstyle that they want.

Biotin shampoo and conditioner make hair look shiny, refreshed, and ready to go without needing to use other products.

While chemical-heavy shampoos leave hair looking dead and dried out, natural shampoo rejuvenates hair. And people can tell! One customer of LuxeOrganix has said that using the biotin shampoo, “made me feel like I was seventeen again. I felt like my hair had returned to the health it had pre-work and pre-kids.”

It is unreasonable to think that you have to trade the health of hair for beauty. With all-natural shampoos, customers concerned with good health and wellbeing are reclaiming the healthy hair that they deserve, and are looking good while doing it. Natural products help give you a glow that leaves you smiling as you walk away from your mirror.

5. Colorful Hair, Fear Not

With all the creative choices out there for hair color, it is a shame when we see ahead of hair dull in color, largely caused by shampoo with too many chemicals.

Some shampoos not only dull the color of hair, but they also wash out the color altogether! There are even some brands that package their shampoos as being “color-safe,” yet they contain ingredients known for dulling or stripping color from the hair, such as sulfates or sodium chloride.

LuxeOrganix’s products are safe to use on both colored, bleached and keratin-treated hair. And there’s something else. Remember the rejuvenating qualities of the oils in all-natural shampoos we mentioned before? Well, these effects can also improve hair that has been worn down by too much bleaching and dyeing.

With a natural shampoo and conditioner, people can have beautifully colored, vibrant hair while maintaining hair health and strength.

6. Beat the Itch!

This has a lot to do with scalp health, but it is worth talking about as an individual concern. 

Itchy scalps are the bane of people everywhere. Not only is this problem hugely annoying, but itchy scalps are often caused by the mistreatment and improper balance of the scalp. What’s more is that using nails to scratch your itchy scalp can cause even more damage to your skin, and affect the appearance of your hair.
Nobody likes to be the person that lets loose a hail of dandruff on their shoulders when they absent-mindedly itch their dry scalp.

Having a healthy scalp means that dandruff doesn’t build up over time. Many people that switch to all-natural shampoos notice a decrease in dandruff and itch.

All-natural shampoo that uses anti-inflammatory oils like those featured by LuxeOrganix fights the itch on two fronts. First, the anti-inflammatory oils stop itching immediately, allowing for instant relief. Second, the absence of harsh chemicals allows for long-term scalp health.

7. You Can Fight Thinning of Hair

Studies show that thinning hair is one of the leading causes of depression for people over a certain age and has a significant impact on body image.

Many brands advertise chemicals that will “regrow” hair. Several of these tactics fail, and some of those that do work, grow hair unevenly or grow hair in unwanted places.

Companies like LuxeOrganix are quick to remind customers that all-natural shampoos and conditioners are not ways to regrow hair. Rather, they should be used as ways of maintaining hair and scalp health to prevent the loss of hair, and to free up any scalp issues that could be hindering proper hair growth.

Using brands with biotin can stop hair loss at the source by aiding the health of hair, but you should know that, oftentimes, hair loss is a genetic issue, or relates to stress or internal health.

Boosting the health of hair can cause it to be more voluminous – thick and healthy hair is an appealing benefit of all-natural shampoos and conditioners.

8. Sustainability in Hair Care

LuxeOrganix’s products and packaging utilize responsibly sourced materials. Sometimes you pay a bit more, but this little bit extra goes a long way.

The move towards more natural shampoos means that big industries are getting shoved aside by innovative brands like LuxeOrganix, which sources its production in the United States and is a family-owned company and is run by women.

Natural ingredients mean less problematic sourcing of material. Many of the essential oils necessary for natural shampoos are readily available and have been used widely by many communities before the proliferation of chemical shampoos.

As the negative effects of certain corporate practices become bigger and well known, making small efforts to shift business towards small, thoughtful practices of sustainable brands can make all the difference.

9. The Packaging is Thoughtful

This ties into sustainability, but the packaging itself is such an important aspect of environmental awareness when you are selecting beauty brands.

This isn’t a given, and some companies that advertise all-natural hair care take shortcuts in production. Recyclable, user-friendly packaging is also an important feature for those concerned with the impact of disposable bottles on our environment. There is never a wrong reason to switch to more sustainable packaging.

LuxeOrganix recently re-outfitted its packaging, basing much of its new design on customer feedback. For example, to help customers differentiate the LuxeOrganix biotin shampoo from the biotin conditioner, the bottle packaging and design have been completely overhauled so that those who cannot see in the shower without glasses or contact lenses can now easily tell one product from the other! Getting bottles mixed up during your shower routine can be a nuisance – LuxeOrganix’s new biotin shampoo and conditioner packaging now stop this from happening, all thanks to customer feedback.

10. You Feel Good About It

All of the factors discussed add up to one statement: using all-natural shampoo can make you feel good about the appearance and health of your hair, and what you are putting on your body.

Not only do shampoos like those from LuxeOrganix make hair look good, the essential oils included in these natural formulations make the experience of washing hair luxurious and restorative. In fact, several LuxeOrganix customers report that showering “feels like aromatherapy.”

The relaxing effects of essential oils allow users to decompress while maintaining standards of hair health that are not achievable with chemical shampoos.

As a US-based woman-owned company, LuxeOrganix ethically sources its material and does not use animal testing—an example of the thoughtful approach to sustainability taken up by this tight-knit brand.

Supporting companies that hold sustainability in high regard means supporting US jobs, animals, and the economy. Supporting small businesses that use sustainable methods is a great way to feel good about the products you choose to purchase! Boosting hair strength, protecting the shine of colored hair, and improving the overall lustre of one’s hair are great additional benefits to making the switch.

And there you have it! 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to All Natural Shampoos and Conditioners./strong>

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to use natural ingredients to help hair health, peruse our website!

Invigorating Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner

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Product Description

  • Promotes Healthier Growing Hair
  • Relieves Itchy Scalp and Dandruff
  • Rejuvenates Dry and Brittle Hair
  • Safe for Colored, Chemically Treated, and
    Keratin Treated Hair
  • Safe for Hair Extensions
  • Recommended by Professional Stylists
  • 100% Sulfate Free
  • NO Sodium Chloride, Parabens, Drying Alcohols or Phthalates
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  • Woman-Owned Company
  • Made In The USA