Organic beauty brand LuxeOrganix has highlighted the benefits of lactic acid when used in skincare products while promoting the launch of their organic eye cream.

Lactic acid falls in the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family. Externally, it is derived from a number of natural sources including milk, fruit, vegetables, and other plants. In the human body, however, lactic acid or lactate is produced as a natural defense mechanism during rigorous muscle exertion like functional training or running.

According to Christine Kominiak, Co-Founder at LuxeOrganix, “Lactic acid is a familiar ingredient in many beauty products because it benefits the skin in numerous ways. It is gentler than most other AHAs and hence, the right strength and PH balance of lactic acid imply that it can be used as a moisturizing agent, exfoliant or peel treatment.”

When used in low concentrations, lactic acid works as a nourishing agent for the skin. This is because it is a humectant and reduces the trans-epidermal loss of water through the increased production of oils and fats within the skin. This helps hydrate the cell structure of the skin and keep it supple.

In higher concentrations, lactic acid is used as an exfoliant. It is milder than most other AHAs and hence, gently sloughs away dead skin cells without any irritation. Lactic acid works on the surface of the skin to stimulate cell turnover, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, and brighten the appearance of the face. Along with that, lactic acid is also known to improve skin texture, reduce scarring, and control oiliness.

LuxeOrganix is a luxury skincare brand that uses high-quality, natural ingredients within its formulas. Sulfate and paraben-free, their product line includes an organic face wash and vitamin C face moisturizer. Find the organic skincare line on Amazon or visit their official website to learn more –


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