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GREAT Products!

I love the new Biotin shampoo and conditioner!! I love the smell and love the way it lathers! It REALLY cleans the scalp squeaky clean of all build up and flakes, and leaves the hair very soft. Customer service with LuxeOrganix has always been very personalized and a 10! Thank you LuxeOrganix for fixing my hair problems. I cannot wait to try the skin care products!

Crazy Fan

So Great!

Love this!! I am 47, have oily skin, super sensitive. I had been using Tree to Tub for over a year, which I loved, but felt like it wasn’t really doing anything for my skin any more, and sometimes I would still get acne. I have just started using this and super love it! I had some minor acne and rash it has quickly gone away. I feel super clean after washing my face with my Clarisonic. Also I am an Aesthetician, and total product junkie.


Amazing Stuff!

I worked in a high-end salon for many years and loved working with Aveda and other natural products. I came across this product and thought I'd give it a try. I liked that it did not have the striping chemicals, or chemicals that are not good for you or your hair.

I knew from the very first use, this was a very good purchase. Leaves hair feeling healthy and soft, but not too soft that it doesn't style, or hold the style. The soft fragrant is like an orange creamcicle, not overpowering, just a soft fresh scent. Happy Customer!

Texas Mom of 4

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Magical Products

Amazing product 😍 My hair is too frizzy, dry, thick n curly. Always tried different products n landed on this hair mask … These are amazing products that make my hair soft, manageable, full of life after just 2 treatments😁😄 I recently did a Balayage on my hair n was looking for the best shampoo to control further damages.. I bought the Argan Oil Shampoo n conditioner too. Used the mask after shampoo n conditioner n treat hair for 30mins first time, n second time was running late so just kept for 15mins… amazing results! Felt like I wanted to just play with my hair all the time. My curls got healthy n bouncy n shiny 😍Loving it so much. My kids n hubby too love to play with my hair😘Thank u so much for this amazing brand n pure chemical free product. I RECOMMEND THEM 100%


Best Shampoo EVER!

I used this for the first time before a weekend traveling and I am incredibly impressed! I have suffered from itchy scalp forever and because I color my hair I have been using no sulfate shampoos but the itchiness has been a constant problem which I thought I was helping by washing more frequently. The very first time I used this shampoo and conditioner I followed the instructions to add more water after putting the shampoo in my hair to get more lather. i took my time to massage like they do at the salon, rinsed, put on the conditioner and left it for 3 or 4 minutes. Rinsed, styled got on an airplane for 3 days away. After FOUR days I still did not have to wash my hair, the itchiness WAS GONE and my hair looked AMAZING! After five days I did wash but my hair STILL looked great! AMAZING STUFF!! It may cost a bit more but if I am washing my hair every 3 -4 days vs every day I am saving money and my hair has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!! Wonderful product!!


A Must-Try Product

For a little over a year I had been using Monat hair products. You will not hear any horrible stories as I still have my hair and I actually loved their products. However, my bank account did not! I started researching products that followed or was like the MONAT systems. I came across Luxe Organix on Amazon and read all of the AMAZING reviews. I decided to give the brand a try to see if I would get the same results or better results than what I was getting with my current product.

Normally I spend over $100.00 for the same size bottles and and extra product every month to month in half. As you can imagine, I was shocked that my total for a shampoo and conditioner was only $35.00! I was amazed from the moment that I opened my box!! My bottles were nicely packaged to ensure that there would be no spills. The white and lime green bottles look very elegant and make a great addition to my shower.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the scent of the Shampoo and Conditioner! If you do not like the smell of orange sherbert you may not like this scent. After you wash and rinse your hair you will instantly notice a difference. I can literally run my fingers through my hair, without brushing it and have NO TANGLES what so ever. When it dries I have a nice healthy shine. Recently I bought the styling cream and again let me tell you I am not disappointed! If you are looking for a nice affordable brand that is going to make your hair feel amazing, this is a must try product...

Jenn Delf

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Better than eye cream, try the FACE cream

I originally used this under my eyes as directed BUT it’s so silky and smooth I now use it on my entire face and neck. I am vegan, so ingredients in my cosmetics are very important to me. So far I am really happy with this product. It is not greasy and it glides on super silky (throughout the day my skin does not become greasy or oily due to this product). for sure my newest favorite product!

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Great to Work With

A bonus of using LuxeOrganix is that they are a very proactive and communicative company and were great to work with. Not only do I recommend LuxeOrganix Shampoo and Conditioner, I recommend the company, too.

S Sandmeyer

Great for Fine, Thin Hair

I am an ‘senior citizen’ with fine, thin hair that is wavy and slightly curly. It wants to lay flat and flip up on the ends given have a chance. I had to wash my hair daily not because it was dirty but because the additional products I had to use to keep it looking full and smooth made it stick up all over the place after sleeping. My hair now stays nice for days with just a little hairspray and daily fluffing. Couldn’t be happier or more impressed.


Love the Eye Cream for Day AND Night

I’m loving this eye cream!! Is very hydrating without being greasy so it’s great for a night cream but also wears under concealer and makeup beautifully. It also does an awesome job of reducing my puffiness and dark circles. I have sensitive skin around my eyes, but this doesn’t irritate my skin at all it just feels very nice all day. And I love the pump bottle. Overall a great eye cream at a reasonable price!

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Very Satisfied Customer

I love this shampoo and conditioner! I bought this set hoping it would help me with the excessive hair fall, snarls, breakage and frizz that I was dealing with regularly since having a perm put in my hair last spring, which it has. I have also noticed that the hair fall that I was experiencing has slowed to a more normal rate/amount (less than a dozen hairs in my comb after washing since using this product for a few weeks). I love the scent of this product and will definitely purchase it again!


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Feeling Fabulous

Tried this Shampoo & Conditioner. After one wash, it’s left my hair feeling amazingly soft. My hair usually is completely dry and frizzy. It’s not only feeling fabulous, it smells amazing.

I’ve finally found something to tame down the dry frizz..

So, so pleased after all the products and crap I’ve wasted money on that didn’t work.

Arian Harris

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3 Jars and Still Going Strong

My hair is so soft, silky and smooth after using this. I’ll leave it on for as long as I can (15 minutes – 1 hour) and then wash & condition as usual, or reverse it and wash then use this as a conditioner (in that case, I leave it on for as long as I can in the shower). I’ve tried a number of hair treatments and so far this is the easiest and best one. I’m on my third tub.


BEST organic face cleanser EVER! ❤️

This is the most amazing face cleanser ever! I have never had my face left so beautifully clean and feeling so soft and young! The fragrance is beyond belief! I feel as if I’m in the lavender fields of Provence, France. It leaves my skin looking so fresh and clean. It hydrates as it cleanses and the best part is that it’s 100% ORGANIC ingredients! No chemicals or additives. I’m ordering another as a gift for my daughter after she tried mine while spending the holidays and raved about it as well! Thank you for this truly wonderful and organic product! Customer for life! 👍🏻❤️


Great Customer Service

The shampoo and conditioner are wonderful. I have coarse, white hair which tends to become uncontrollable with high humidity.Using these products have made a very noticeable difference. And the customer service is excellent. I bought the travel size of the shampoo and conditioner just before I was to go on a trip. I received the package right before I was leaving but it had 2 conditioners and no shampoo! I replied to a customer service email and notified them of the problem. They quickly rectified the mistake. What a pleasant experience overall!