Our Story

Christine Kominiak, Founder of LuxeOrganix

Meet Christine, Founder of LuxeOrganix

Hi, thanks for visiting LuxeOrganix.com – we’re glad you’re here! Here’s the story behind how LuxeOrganix came to be….

In my early 30’s, I was rapidly losing my hair and dealing with numerous health issues. Frustrated, I finally began working with a functional health practitioner at overcoming my health woes naturally. She advised me to replace products I was using in my home with more natural or organic alternatives, as there were many ingredients in my old store-bought products that were contributing to my health problems.

As I searched and began to try out new, “healthy alternatives,” I was glad to be using products that were good for me, but I wasn’t impressed with my results. My body may have appreciated it, but my hair did not respond well, appearing dull and lifeless, or greasy and weighed down. What I was looking for just wasn’t available. Through my dissatisfaction came my inspiration for creating LuxeOrganix. Now our hair and skin care products are available all over the U.S.A., helping people achieve a great look, and keep their health and well-being a priority.

It hasn’t taken long for fellow health-conscious women (and men) to catch on. We are incredibly grateful to those who have supported our philosophies and our U.S. based family-owned business. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll give our products a try, and join the LuxeOrganix “Beauty without sacrificing your health®” mission!


Our Mission

The very foundation of LuxeOrganix has always been, and will continue to be, building a unique experience of brand-customer relationship. This begins by standing behind our products, and continues with us being in direct, two-way communication with the people who buy our products, as well as the people who make our products.

We believe everyone deserves to have beautiful results, and that beauty doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health. We’re choosing to invest in better ingredients in our products because we hear from our customers every day that they want better products, and they are willing to invest in their health and wellbeing.