We’re pleased to announce that LuxeOrganix Brilliant Eyes Bio-Advanced Daily Eye Cream is now available in an airless pump bottle!

Now I can already hear your brain asking…

Why should I use an airless pump and why is it any better than a jar?”  

Well, we’re glad you asked!

You see, airless pumps are designed to prevent bacteria from potentially contaminating the product and to keep the cream inside of the container fresher longer by preventing exposure to air.

Because airless pump bottles use an external diaphragm that rises to help push the product out, it stops the “How much should I be using?” guessing game.

Now with one easy push, you get the exact amount you need.

And you can say goodbye to tiny spatulas, sticky fingers, and throwing money away because you can’t get that last bit of cream out of the jar. The suction from the pump delivers every last beneficial drop of eye cream, so you can rest easy, knowing you aren’t leaving anything behind.

What’s more, since the airless pump is not made from glass, you’ll never have to worry about sharp pieces of glass scattered about the floor when one of those little accidents happen.

Bonus! 🙌

So to sum up what makes an airless pump great….
  • it takes the guess out of how much to use
  • it’s safe to use, a better value, with no mess
  • it keeps your eye cream fresher for longer and prevents contamination
But it’s not like your eye cream is going to sit around on your shelf… right?
We can’t wait for you to try our new airless pump packaging; we know you’re going to love it. 🥰

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