Some days you’re just in a rush, or your skin isn’t feeling it, so you skip your moisturizer as you run out the door, right?

That might not be the best thing for your skin. Skipping your face moisturizer now has repercussions in the not-too-distant future.

Like wrinkles. Or acne. Or dull, flakey skin (especially in the winter).

We’ve got four good reasons you should NEVER skip your moisturizer, and some of them may surprise you…

1. Wrinkles.

Skipping your moisturizer today might lead to deeper wrinkles sooner than you think. When your skin’s outer barrier is compromised, like when it’s dry, you develop a low-grade chronic inflammation of your skin. This eventually leads to a breakdown of collagen and accelerates the aging process.

So, maybe you have no wrinkles right now (lucky you), but they’re on the way if you skip your moisturizer. And if you do have a few fine lines already (who doesn’t), they will look worse.

Dehydrated skin shows all of your lines, and makes them more prominent (deeper, bigger, more pronounced).

Want to hide those lines? Dermatologists recommend plumping your skin up with a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acids.

2. Dull, Flakey Skin.

Without a moisturizer, your complexion will appear dull and flaky — especially if it’s cold outside.

In the winter, when the humidity levels plummet, the dry air can dehydrate your skin. This doesn’t sound so serious until you realize that this strips your skin of lipids, which are part of your skin’s protective layer. Without a strong protective barrier, irritants are free to invade your skin, where they cause redness and flaking.

3. Acne.

It always feels a little counterintuitive to talk about moisturizer with acne, but it really is helpful to keeping blemishes under control. Dryness can actually make your acne worse. If your skin is dry, either from natural events like the weather or dehydration, or from the products you’re using to control your acne, it goes into overdrive to produce more oil. And if your pores are already having an issue clogging, this is a recipe for more, or more severe, acne.

A non-comedogenic face cream, like our Vitamin C Moisturizer, can be your best weapon in the fight for clear skin. Don’t skip it.

4. Your want flawless makeup, right?

You know those fine lines under your eyes that cause your concealer to crease? Well, that’s going to look worse if you don’t hydrate your skin before you apply your makeup. Makeup sticks to dry areas on your skin and rather than hiding your minor flaws, it can actually accentuate them.  For best results, you should apply moisturizer and let it seep in for a few minutes before using your foundation.

This will give you a more flawless, smooth look with your makeup.

So how do you moisturize your face properly?

For starters, wash your hands and face. After that, follow these simple steps to ensure you’re getting the most benefits.

First, use a serum.

Serums help hydrate your skin. Serums pull moisture deep inside your skin’s layers and help to hold it there.

Drip a dime-size amount of the serum into your palm and rub your palms together to evenly distribute the serum on both of your hands. Then, gently smooth and press the serum into your face, neck, and décolleté. Allow the serum to be absorbed for about a minute.

Then, use your moisturizer.

Applying a moisturizer after your serum locks that moisturize in and helps build your skin’s barrier back. Apply your moisturizer to your cheeks using a gentle circular motion. Typically your cheeks will be the driest part of your face (though this can vary depending on your skin type), so tackle them first while you have the most product on your hands.

Then move to your forehead, moisturizing your nose and T-zone, then your chin, neck, décolleté and ears.

Use light, gentle upward strokes, especially on your neck. Don’t tug and pull your face and neck downward. You don’t need to rub too hard or work the product in vigorously. Our Vitamin C Moisturizer is lightweight and will quickly absorb into your skin on its own. Be gentle and make sure you are always lifting your skin up, not dragging it down.

And that’s it! Do this every day, in the morning and at night before bed, and you’ll be well on your way to softer, younger-looking skin that lasts a lifetime.

About Our Serum

Our serum uses ingredients that include:

  • Botanical hyaluronic acid and organic Reishi mushrooms. This power-duo holds moisture, reduces inflammation, puffiness, wrinkles & free radical damage, while also promoting cell regeneration.
  • Kakadu Plum extract: Kakadu Plums contain 55 times more Vitamin C than an orange. A super Vitamin C skin lightening tonic, this is essential for glowing skin — it also firms and promotes fading of brown sun spots & acne scars.
vitamin C infusion daily facial moisturizer
  • Organic Willow Bark to soothe irritated skin with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. When used daily, this can reduce swelling and redness and even help get rid of bacterially-induced acne.
vitamin C infusion daily facial moisturizer

About Our Moisturizer

Our moisturizer uses ingredients that include:

  • Vitamin C, which visibly brightens your skin and balances skin tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • B-complex vitamins to help with both acne and skin aging.
  • Organic sunflower and jojoba oils, which hydrate, calm, protect, and soothe your skin.

Plus, with all LuxeOrganix skincare products, we leave out the harsh ingredients and artificial fragrances that other brands use, because they can irritate your skin. LuxeOrganix products are naturally and gently scented for your benefit and enjoyment.

Of course, moisturizers and serums work after signs of aging appear, but using them sooner is always better than later, especially with your skin! And never, ever skip your moisturizer. It’s key to keeping your skin looking younger well into your older age.

Who doesn’t want that?

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