Mesa, AZ: LuxeOrganix, the premier skincare brand, has recently commented on the difference between the impact of chronological and photoaging on the skin as a part of its skincare campaign celebrating the launch of its new anti-wrinkle eye cream.

According to Christine Kominiak, Co-Founder at LuxeOrganix, “Skin is the largest organ of the body – it is our first line of offense against illness and disease. So what we expose our skin to and anything we put on it, can potentially end up in our bodies. It’s known that ninety percent of skincare products on the market contain ingredients with the potential for long-term serious neurological and hormonal disorders and conditions. Depending on what you are putting on your skin, or exposing it to, this can be beneficial, or very detrimental.”

Therefore, it becomes very crucial to be vigilant about the kind of products being used for the skin, especially given the fact that with age, the skin’s natural rejuvenation process slows down dramatically, becoming thinner, drier, and less elastic.

Skin aging is influenced by several factors including genetics, environmental exposure, hormonal changes and metabolic processes. Chronological aging is defined by the clinical, histological, and physiological decrements that occur in the sun-protected skin, affecting the rate of epidermal turnover thus making the skin thinner, with more fine lines and wrinkles to boot. Photoaging, on the other hand, is the premature aging of skin caused due to the skin being unprotected from UV rays of the sun.

This specific damage occurs by chronic exposure of the skin to UV light. Clinically, the skin becomes coarse; the epidermis thickens initially and then atrophies – with the appearance of sallowness, wrinkles, and irregular hyperpigmentation. Continues Kominiak, “Identifying the real cause for your skin problems is the first step in dealing with it. Along with using sunscreen to protect oneself from the effects of photoaging, it is doubly important to use the right kind of product that helps deal with the natural effects of chronological aging, giving the skin the care it needs to stay supple and beautiful.”

LuxeOrganix has launched its very own natural face moisturizer that protects the skin and prevents the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation that are all signs of aging.


Christine Kominiak
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