Mesa, AZ: Hair growth shampoo brand LuxeOrganix has released new information on the usefulness of jojoba oil in treating hair loss problems as a part of their 2018 campaign for hair health awareness.

Jojoba oil is an odorless, golden liquid wax that is produced from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Derived from a desert shrub that is found in the desert regions of Arizona, Mexico, and California, it is mainly extracted as liquid wax which is later refined to the colorless and odorless jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is useful as a hair growth treatment due to its similarity to sebum, the natural oil that lubricates one’s skin and hair. It can be used as a substitute for sebum for people with decreased sebum production and, conversely, can also be used to remove excess sebum and build-up from the hair. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, and comedogenic making it extremely beneficial for the hair, skin, and the entire body.

Christine Kominiak, Co-Founder at LuxeOrganix, says: ”Hair loss is a common problem affecting both men and women, with more than 50 million people suffering from some form of baldness in the USA alone. Many people are now looking for alternatives, such as an anti hair loss shampoo with natural and organic ingredients, that does not have adverse effects on your scalp and hair.”

A study from the University of Maryland Medical Center has found that massaging the scalp with a combination of essential oils can help improve overall hair growth; oils such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil and cedarwood essential oil proved to be effective. The same research also suggests that adding three to six drops of essential oil to one tablespoon of jojoba oil serves as a hair loss remedy because it treats dry hair follicles, thus being an effective solution for alopecia, which is the loss of hair as a result of fungal infection or damage to the hair shaft and follicles.

LuxeOrganix has launched their new jojoba oil enhanced biotin shampoo and conditioner on Amazon and it is already receiving rave reviews, with one happy customer stating, “First thing I noticed was the smell which I absolutely LOVED! It’s a soft, refreshing scent, and I like that it doesn’t have that synthetic fake smell that are in so many other tea tree oil or mint shampoos. I also love the natural yet subtle fragrances the essential oils create. I immediately noticed how easily the shampoo lathered up, which is amazing since all of the other sulfate free shampoos I’ve used did not. It’s also very thick and concentrated, but spread easily over my thick, color treated hair.”

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