LuxeOrganix, the premium skincare brand, has highlighted the effectiveness of using sea fennel extract in anti-aging products as a part of their marketing campaign to promote the launch of their new skincare line, which includes a natural retinol eye cream.

Sea Fennel Extract has long been used as an ingredient in skincare products as it is known to soften the skin, unclog pores, boost collagen, reduces fine lines, speed up cell turnover, and even out skin discoloration and texture thus preventing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It enables the epidermis to regain its youth and vitality and improves radiance and tone, making it a great option for anti-aging products. According to Christine Kominiak, “Sea Fennel Extract is a ‘natural retinol’ – it’s considered a plant alternative to Retinol – and when combined together they can provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs to fight the common signs of aging. Retinol and, more generally, retinoids are synthetic versions of vitamin A, while Sea Fennel Extract naturally contains high amounts of the vitamin.” Sea Fennel, which is lush with radiance-delivering sea-minerals, vitamins A, C, E, amino acid peptides, pigments and polyphenols, can effectively stimulate skin renewal and boost collagen and elastin because those nutrients are naturally occurring within the extract. Essentially skin is healed, allowing it to appear firmer, brighter and smoother, and overall younger-looking.

“We chose to use Sea Fennel Extract as a natural alternative so that our customers could receive the amazing benefits of retinol, without having to worry about the controversial and potential side effects of the more commonly used synthetic retinol. This is because we believe you should not have to sacrifice your health for the sake of achieving beautiful skin.”LuxeOrganix is a luxury skincare brand that uses high-quality, natural ingredients in their formulations. Sulfate and paraben-free, their product line includes a best-selling organic anti-aging face cream. All of their products are available on Amazon.


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