Summary: LuxeOrganix, the hair growth shampoo manufacturer, has released a statement on the rising trend of hair loss experienced by Millennials.

Mesa, AZ: Hair growth shampoo manufacturer LuxeOrganix has released a new statement regarding the rising occurrence of hair loss amongst Millennials as a part of their 2018 campaign on healthy hair practices.

The American Hair Loss Association has recently revealed that as of 2018, two-thirds of men will have lost some hair by the age of just 35 (the upper range for a Millennial). It has also been noted that Millennials are reporting hair loss much earlier than previous generations. According to Christine Kominiak, Co-Founder at LuxeOrganix, “Experiencing hair loss right from a young age is no laughing matter, it can easily lead to balding and hair thinning at a relatively young age and usually comes along with other hair problems such a dry itchy scalp, premature greying, and dull hair.”

“This is one of the reasons why it is important to start using natural hair growth products right at the beginning, before or when hair loss is being noticed. It helps arrest the thinning and makes sure that your scalp gets the stimulation and all of the conditioning and nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair”, continues Kominiak. The reasons for Millennial hair loss are numerous.

Firstly, in our fast-paced, convenience culture, Millennials are more likely to have unbalanced meals that lack the proper nutritional content they need for better hair growth. They are more likely to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle than other generations, losing out on the protein and iron that meat provides, two things that are essential for healthy hair growth. Ensuring the right amount of protein and iron is extremely important, especially if one is vegetarian or vegan.

Millennials are also the generation that experiences the greatest amount of stress. They can be under stress for a number of different reasons such as; emotional stress, stress from school, family and work. The connection between stress and hair loss is well known – studies have highlighted links between lifestyle-related stress, and the onset of premature male pattern hair loss. So it’s crucial for Millennials to make balance in their lifestyle a priority to help keep hair loss problems at bay.

LuxeOrganix has launched a new anti-hair fall shampoo and conditioner set that contains a variety of natural and organic ingredients such as Hemp, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary Essential Oils, Korean and Chinese Ginseng, and Biotin that restores the natural lustre to one’s hair while fixing and preventing a gamut of problems such as hair thinning, itchy scalp, dry and lifeless hair.

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