Eye cream is an essential, necessary part of your skincare routine. The Brilliant Eyes Bio-Advanced Daily Eye Cream from LuxeOrganix will compliment your daily regime.

There are so many different moisturizing products out there; it can be overwhelming. You may find yourself asking if you need an eye cream for dark circles, or if you can just use that all-for-one you’ve been eyeing at the local drug store. 

Does it matter if you use an eye-specific cream above a regular moisturizer? We’ve put together four reasons to convince you to give eye cream a chance. 

What Is the Difference Between Eye Cream and Moisturizer?

The most obvious answer is that eye creams, in comparison to a face moisturizer, are generally formulated to be more gentle in their potency, as to not irritate the more delicate skin around the eyes. Eye creams may be formulated with some of the same active ingredients as moisturizers or even anti-aging products; however, they’re made with lower doses and aren’t as potent as their moisturizer cousins. In general, eye creams are just specially formulated moisturizers meant to be used on the skin under the eye. 

But the big secret here is that what really makes a difference in achieving visible results is the type of ingredients and the quality of them. For example, ingredients that should be in an eye cream for dark circles and puffiness would be tailored to brightening, firming, smoothing and healing the skin. Therefore, it’s important to choose an eye cream that is custom-made for the result you are trying to achieve, such as an under eye cream for dark circles. 

Let’s look at four important reasons to use eye cream over moisturizer.

Why Use Eye Cream?

Our eyes do a lot for us. They convey and pick up on meaning, they are one of our primary sensory muscles, and they show our emotions. They immediately portray our age, our attitude, and our energy. Don’t you think they deserve a little pampering from a cream made just for them?

Here are four of the critical reasons to use eye cream.

1. Skin Under the Eye Is More Sensitive

As noted above, the skin around the eyes is thinner and more fragile in comparison with the rest of the face. As such, it is prone to early signs of aging and general skin damage in the form of lines and puffiness. Eye cream is specially formulated for the area around the eye and is developed with this delicate skin in mind that prioritizes reducing sensitivity and other benefits.

If you find your skin is extra sensitive, it is important to use an eye cream formula that has no synthetic fragrances (as nice as it is to have a fragrant cream), because these added fragrances are the most common culprit for causing irritation or allergic reactions.

2. Provides General Protection

The most basic form of skincare, aside from keeping it clean, is moisturizing and applying sun protection. Eye creams should act as a protective barrier between the skin and any external factors, such as the sun and even makeup.

The best eye cream you can use is one that contains antioxidants that are able to penetrate deep into the skin to reduce and counteract free radicals, which damage healthy skin cells and cause hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and fine lines and wrinkles.

When used correctly, an eye cream will help prevent further damage from the world around you.

3. Reduce Puffiness and Fine Lines

Fine lines are caused by your skin making less collagen and elastin, and typically come from sun damage, ageing, and other factors including stress, lifestyle, smoking and genetics and your skin. Puffiness or having bags under the eyes is most commonly related to aging, but also can come from build-up of fluid and blood under the eyes, as well as smoking, lack of sleep, or medical conditions such as allergies or thyroid problems.

4. Look Younger

Much like fine lines, wrinkles also come from sun damage and lack of collagen. Gravity has its effects, and the eyes are one of the first places we notice the tolls it takes.

Good eye creams should boost collagen to speed cell turnover and have anti-aging ingredients that firm, hydrate, and tighten the delicate skin around the eye.

An eye cream won’t stop the aging process, but it can certainly reduce the appearance of the tell-tale signs.


The Right Eye Cream

The right eye cream can make all the difference in your daily skincare routine. As noted above, a good eye cream will take care of your skin, provide protection against the elements, reduce puffiness and fine lines, and even help you look younger.

Fortunately, the eye cream from LuxeOrganix meets all your skincare needs. Brilliant Eyes Bio-Advanced Daily Eye Cream is the perfect eye cream for dark circles and puffiness. Its unique blend of organic and natural ingredients infuses and holds moisture, promoting long-term under-eye skin health while visibly reducing crow’s feet and fine lines.

One of the key ingredients included is Squalane, a powerhouse ingredient that historically has been used in the medical field to treat wounds and skin problems. It stimulates and boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation thereby improving elasticity, reducing wrinkles and preventing signs of aging.

As if that’s not exciting enough, Brilliant Eyes is infused with cutting edge peptides, ocean plant-based retinol, and fruit-based glycolic acid to firm, rejuvenate, repair and soothe delicate skin around the eyes.

You’ll also love knowing that it is not tested on animals and is “Made in the USA” by a woman-owned family business — so when you use LuxeOrganix, you’re not just benefiting yourself, but you are also positively impacting U.S. companies, jobs and animals!

Upgrade your daily skin regime today. Add the LuxeOrganix Brilliant Eyes Daily Eye Cream to your routine and turn back the hands of time.